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Carl Spruyt

Carl Spruyt | Director

Carl has spent over two decades in Commercial Banking and Finance, and over 17 years in providing Business Coaching and Advisory Services as part of YBT.

Dave McPhedron

Dave McPhedran | Director (B.Com, CA)

A Chartered Accountant for more than 30 years, Dave has an excellent background in both business assessment and risk management.

Abby Napier

Abby Napier | Client Services Manager

Abby has worked for YBT since 2009, focusing on the provision of client support services in a wide range of administration roles.

Christine Clegg

Christine Clegg | Accountant (B.Com, CA)

With over 26 years in Accounting and Tax Expertise, Christine joined YBT in 2013 and quickly became a linchpin of the department.

Lisa Wooltorton

Lisa Wooltorton | Office Administrator

With many years experience in business administration services, Lisa is the smiling face you see when you come to visit us. She can also make a mean cup of coffee!

What People Are Saying

The main thing we love about YBT is that Carl is always available to talk – even if it’s urgent or last minute!


CT Business Solutions

Carl convinced me that YBT could make a difference in selling my business. After entering into a mentoring program, plans were made, decisions taken, all resulting in a very satisfactory business sale.



With Carl & his team, nothing is ever a problem! Time frames set are efficient and adhered to, the accountability and follow-ups are excellent and very motivating!


W Hamilton Builders

YBT Blog

5 Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Most business owners have the best intentions in the world when it comes to their marketing, but often, they get so excited with the ‘big picture’ of how many new leads a certain campaign is going to bring in, or the creative execution of a particular piece of...

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Find Your Chronotype and Stay Energized for Longer!

Trouble sleeping? Have you checked out what chronotype – type of ‘sleeping personality’ – you are? It can make all the difference in getting a restful night’s sleep. There are four main types of chronotype that people fit into – the Dolphin, Lion, Bear and Wolf....

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BBQ Advisers and You

BBQ Advisers… you know the ones, they claim to know it all and then some. There’s even a song from Stevie Wonder about them ‘He’s Mr. Know It All’. Have a listen – there’s some great lyrics there! So why would we talk about ‘them’ from a small business owner’s...

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Expand the Life of Your Business

Today I’m going to talk about the life cycle of a business and how to get the most out of each cycle while also extended the lifespan of your business. The four different stages of a business life cycle are: Infancy Adolescence Growing Pains Maturity   We’ll talk a...

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